LocoMobi Ambassador, Darryl Sittler, ranks number 4 Maple Leafs player of all time

The Toronto Maple Leafs franchise names top players of all time in hundredth anniversary, ranking Darryl Sittler 4th in top 100 list. Click link below for full story!


Grant Furlane, LocoMobi Co-Founder & CEO, makes news with equal opportunity initiative led by HHDS charity foundation

The HHDS charity foundation – led by LocoMobi’s Co-founder & CEO; Grant Furlane & former Toronto Maple Leafer; Darryl Sittler – makes headlines with the “Sink One For Jake golf tournament”, taking place this July 20th. The foundation aims to create real change in the lives of adults living with Down syndrome through equal opportunity initiates in local communities. Read the full story HERE.


Locomobi is roaring up its engines at the Barret Jackson auto auction

Locomobi President and CEO having some fun in the sun with the GasMonkeyGarage crew at the Barret Jackson auto auction in Scottsdale, Arizona.


‘Are you on the Cloud?’

Grant Furlane, Locomobi’s President and CEO, outlines the benefits of the Cloud and big data in the self-storage industry in this informative and thought provoking article in the August 2015 issue of the Self-Storage Magazine.

The article comes as a prelude to an exciting sponsorship of the Canadian Self-Storage Association (CSSA) coming in November 10 & 11, 2015 at the International Toronto Centre Hotel in Downtown Toronto.

As the proud sponsor of the show Locomobi is bringing in long-time Canadian hockey legend; Daryl Sittler, who now sits on Locomobi’s advisory board. Mr. Sittler will partake as a key-note speaker at a dinner hosted in one of Toronto’s landmarks – the CN tower’s luxurious 360 restaurant.

So take a read and expand your horizons…

‘Are you on the Cloud’? – Self-Storage Magazine August 2015 Issue (CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE!)



Locomobi – Committed to Sustainability

Locomobi offers great sustainability applications that greatly benefit the environment, businesses and users alike. Win- win for all!

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Parking meters bring in big bucks for Spokane


Spokanemeters screenshot3


SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokane’s new smart meters are bringing in big bucks.

It’s been a tumultuous year for parking in Spokane. Residents, students and businesses were outraged when 500 new meters were installed on the lower South Hill.

“Well it’s a little bit of a surprise when you’re expecting not to have a parking meter and it shows up over night and it’s there,” said Spokane City Councilman Jon Snyder.

However, there’s also there’s also been plenty to celebrate.

“We’re seeing credit card usage at the meters that accept them at about 43 percent, so nearly half of the people that are using meters that have credit cards as an option are using that as their way to pay,” said Brian Coddington with the City of Spokane.

In addition to the credit card option, a pay by phone system called Quick Pay has been installed in most meters in the downtown core. The difference they are making is sizeable.

“So far, we’re seeing about nine-thousand dollars a week in revenue increases, about a hundred-thousand dollars year to date that we’re up,” said Coddington. “So it’s significant money that we can re-invest in the downtown area to improve sidewalks, to improve infrastructure, to improve streetscapes, so kinds of things that draw keep downtown and keep the downtown nice.”

The Davenport Grand Hotel will bring in another 45 meters to the system, which is expected to bring in another $45,000 for the second half of 2015.

Read full post at: http://www.kxly.com/news/spokane-news/parking-meters-bring-in-big-bucks-for-spokane/33036980

LocoMobi Makes Two of the Top Ten Most Read Companies in NPA News

As the year comes to a close the National Parking Association (NPA) has provided their readers a brief look at the most accessed articles from the past year and LocoMobi makes this list TWICE!

“We are pleased to be a technology leader and contribute to the National Parking Association” says LocoMobi President and CoFounder Grant Furlane. “Stay tuned for more exciting news in 2015.”

To view these articles and the full list see the following link:

Need To Park Downtown? There’s An App For That

SPOKANE, Wash. – Add paying for parking to the long list of things you can do with your smart phone as the City of Spokane rolled out its quick pay parking app Friday.

Plugging the meter may not be fun, but Spokane is at least looking to make it more convenient with the quick pay app.

Steven Neumiller has a car, but prefers two wheeled transit because he says parking downtown can be a real pain.

“Traffic, parking, to me, with a vehicle, is a headache, and I would rather ride by bike than deal with that,” he said.

But the city hopes to change that with an easy to use, quick pay app.

“I think it’s handy to be able to use a smart phone for a number of things and to be able to make a payment on a meter would be great with that,” Neumiller said.

You download it just like any other app from the iTunes store or Android marketplace and after giving a credit card number and your vehicle information, you’re ready to go. From there you can scan any meter setup for the program, choose the amount of time you want, and even have a receipt emailed to you.

“There’s a nice feature on it that when you’ve used the maximum amount of time in that stall, you get a message that says your time’s expiring. Asks if you want to extend for 15 minutes. You get one 15 minute extension you can do right from your phone,” city spokesperson Brian Coddington said.

For now, only 41 meters near city hall can use the feature, but the city plans to expand the program soon.

“Eventually the goal is to have them working all city-wide, at all 3,000 meters. We’ve got to do a little bit of testing still to make sure that works, but we’re confident that’s going to work and we’ll get them rolled out in next few months, probably by the springtime,” Coddington said.

It all sounds great, but Neumiller says he’ll keep paying the old fashioned way.

“I tend to use cash when I do use the meters. I’m glad there’s still a cash option,” he said.

One feature of the app still in the works is the ability to see open parking spots anywhere there’s meters. The city says that option will be coming soon, but some have raised concerns that several cars could quickly descend on the same spot, causing safety issues.

Click here to see the coverage from KXLY 4 News or watch the video below.