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LocoMobi Board of Directors

We are proud of our experienced and passionate LocoMobi Board Of Directors.

Grant Furlane

President and CEO

Mr. Furlane, co-founder of LocoMobi Inc., has over 30 years of technology experience specializing in the Transportation, Network Security, and Parking industries. Mr. Furlane has invested in business ventures in Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul and Shang Hai starting in 1989. He has been involved in over 500 million dollars in technology investments and was contracted to lead the initiatives of several large public IT companies. Mr. Furlane aggressively built three transportation technology companies that established the vanguard for tracking and monitoring vehicle movement. His companies developed and sold integrated control systems for major airports, hospitals and parking lot management companies.

Below are key achievements for Mr. Furlane:

  • The first supplier to be President of the Canadian Parking Association
  • Served as Co-Chairman of the first World Symposium on Intelligent Transportation Systems, an international symposium attended by delegates representing 50 countries.
  • Invented the first Electronic Credit Card Express kit for machines/kiosks.
  • Built a major PUBLIC Telecom company and sold it to Sprint Canada.
  • Owned or invested in several entertainment assets such as Hard Rock Cafés, Sierra Entertainment and Lightning Sports.
  • Owned the oldest Junior A hockey team, which to date has groomed the most NHL players.
  • Managed assets for several entertainment people including the World Boxing Champion who later partnered in several business ventures.
  • Served as intern Vice- Chairman for Advanced Gravis (one of largest technology success stories in Canada who invented sound board, mouse etc.).
  • Hired by a large investment fund to revitalize the company. Restructured and sold to American Brands (the largest branding company in the World).
  • Executed 10 reorganizations for other major firms in behalf of investment banks.
  • Served as Chairman to the Neurological Hospitals Centers for Ability, and the Board of Governors of Ontario Junior A Hockey, and continues to have investments in the Entertainment and Sports industries.
  • As a result of his successful business experience, his companies’ technological innovation, and his international scope, Mr. Furlane is considered to be one of the leaders in this industry. Mr. Furlane has been married for 30 years, and is proud father to a daughter who graduated in 2012 from the Ted Rogers Business School at the University of Toronto, with a Business Degree and a son who plays Hockey in Boston for Fitchburg State University in the NCAA.

Barney Pell, Ph.D.

Chairman and Chief Strategist

Dr. Pell is the co-founder, Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer of LocoMobi Inc. Dr. Pell has a long history as a leading technology innovator, product visionary, entrepreneur and angel investor based in Silicon Valley. He is known for being an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Mayfield, a top Venture Capital firm, which he left to become Founder and CEO of Powerset, which built a natural-language based search engine that read each sentence in Wikipedia and answered user queries in plain English. Microsoft acquired Powerset in 2008 to help create its new search engine, Bing. Dr. Pell then served Microsoft as Search Strategist, Evangelist, and Chief Architect for Local Search at Bing, until leaving Microsoft in September 2011 to return to the start-up world full-time.

Dr. Pell also has active investor, board member, and advisory roles with multiple start-up companies and non-profits across a variety of industries. He is Co-Founder, Vice Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Moon Express, a private company building autonomous robotic lunar landers to enable exploration and commercial development of the solar system. This builds on his earlier career managing advanced software technologies at NASA. Highlights of innovations during Dr. Pell’s career at NASA include mission critical software to support planning and collaboration for the Mars Exploration Rovers mission; Clarissa, the first spoken dialog system in space; and the development of the Remote Agent, the first AI system to fly onboard and control a deep space probe. Remote Agent is widely considered one of the top achievements in the history of Artificial Intelligence and was awarded NASA’s "software of the year" award in 1999. Dr. Pell is also Associate Founder and Trustee of Singularity University (SU), a new university created to educate leaders for life in a future driven by accelerating technological change.

Other recent active angel investments and advisory positions include: Getaround, Robotex, Halcyon Molecular, SpaceX, and CrowdFlower. Recent start-ups that have had successful exits include: Appjet (now Google), Aardvark (now Google), Hot Potato (now Facebook), Etacts (now, Movity (now Trulia), and LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social network which recently went public after acquiring its hundred-millionth member.

Dr. Pell received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Cambridge University, where he was a Marshall Scholar, and his B.S. degree in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa and was a National Merit Scholar.

Dr. Pell is a frequent speaker at conferences and universities. These include keynote talks at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, the Association for Computational Linguistics, Search Marketing Expos, International Semantic Web Conference, World Wide Web Conference, the Informational Retrieval Conference, and panels at SXSW Interactive. Dr. Pell has also spoken at the NPA and IPI conferences and has been featured in all major Parking industry magazines.

Stephen Kennedy Smith Jr.

Stephen Kennedy Smith received his B.A from Harvard University, J.D. from Columbia University, and M.Ed from Harvard University School of Education. After law school, Mr. Smith served as an assistant district attorney in New York. He later joined the staff of the Senate Judiciary and Foreign Relations Committees. After leaving the Senate, Mr. Smith worked at Conflict Management Group; a nonprofit associated with Harvard Law School, and taught in the advanced program on negotiation at Harvard University Law School. As part of his work at Conflict Management, Mr. Smith consulted with global clients including the Organization of African Unity, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and the parties in the Irish Peace process. Mr. Smith is a three-time recipient of the Danforth Award for excellence in teaching at Harvard University and is also the winner of the Lyndehurst Foundation Prize for social and artistic achievement.

For the past twenty years, Mr. Smith has been on the Kennedy board of Joseph P. Kennedy Enterprises, the Kennedy family investment office. He has delivered keynote presentations at the annual conferences of the Family Firm Institute and the Family Office Exchange– the two major family business organizations. He has also served on the board of the John F. Kennedy Library, the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial, Citizens Energy, the Northeastern University School of Public Policy, and INCAE Business School and the advisory board of the Joslin Diabetes Center at Harvard Medical School. He is a Fellow at the International Economic Alliance, an organization dedicated to promoting innovative international trade.

As a partner and board member, Mr. Smith is actively involved in a number of medical and green technology businesses, including Emlink, which develops, designs and manages sustainable technology; The Marwood Group, a healthcare-focused strategic advisory and financial services firm; and Pear Therapeutics, a medical software company.

Mr. Smith was Deputy Campaign Manager for Senator Edward Kennedy during his Presidential and Senatorial campaigns, Youth Coordinator for the campaign of Mario Cuomo, served on the New England Steering Committee for the Obama presidential campaign, and continues to be active in Democratic politics.

Rick West

Rick West is a senior adviser to international infrastructure funds, including the recent Millennium Garage concession sale, is active in parking industry M&A and is an active industry participant as an investor in parking real estate including parking garages he co-owns with a US opportunistic real estate fund.

Since 1995, Rick has participated as a founder, co-owner, c-suite executive, Board Adviser and acquisition senior adviser in over $2 billion in U.S. acquisitions, dispositions and refinancing’s in the U.S.

Rick’s current roles include participation in five infrastructure consortium’s including the acquisition and concession management in urban, campus and aviation projects. He is also a co-investor and owner in five urban parking garages in the U.S. and adviser to several mobility technology firms in the U.S.

More recently, he speaks publicly, in private equity briefings and author’s white papers on “Mobility in the U.S.” to forecast opportunities for investors in parking and related mobility sectors.