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Circling the area trying to find empty parking spots? Waste of time. Manually paying at parking stations? Annoying. Running back to pay when your parking time runs out? Archaic. In this day and age, everything can be done from the tips of your fingers, paying for parking should be no different.

QuickPay is the missing mobile link. The gateway to conveniently locating and paying for parking.
By downloading the QuickPay mobile app, you can reserve parking spots, quickly pay from your phone, and extend your parking session without having to run back to your car!

Why use QuickPay:

Never look for parking:

  • Locate, reserve, and compare available parking spots closest to your destination via GPS.
  • Receive access to exclusive parking spots.

Never run back to pay:

  • Receive reminders about where you parked, and when your time or meter is about to expire.
    PLUS: extend your time remotely without returning to your car.

Never waste your time paying manually:

  • For valet parking, just pay with QP and avoid waiting in line to pay.

Never waste your time with tickets:

  • Don’t worry about receipts or running from the pay kiosk to your car to display your ticket on your dashboard, just park, QP, and go!

Never lose track:

  • Your entire transaction history is recorded and emailed to you for easy use- making filing expense reports much easier.

General Inquires & Customer Service

  • Toll Free: 1 888 382 9149

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In an era of e-commerce, online ease of access, and mobile convenience, traditional means of paying for parking are outdated and counter-intuitive. The inconvenience turns customers away, it’s an easily abused system, and it’s impossible to provide parkers with a user-friendly and tailored experience.

QuickPay is the missing mobile link; the gateway to providing customers ease of access, convenience, and improved service. This single solution can be integrated into any parking environment, and is easily accessed through the app store by parkers. By partnering with QuickPay, you will save money, increase revenue, and be in complete control of your parking landscape.

Why partner with QuickPay?

Low cost to deploy:

  • QuickPay operations are completely automated
  • Equipment is cost-effective and requires very low maintenance and eliminates consumables

Increase and Retain Revenue:

  • All revenue generated by QuickPay cannot be stolen
  • Anyone who uses QuickPay to park is compliant
  • Catch the cheating parkers faster; easily validate paying customers by cross-referencing an automatically recorded license plate log with parked vehicles
  • Convenient and hassle-free experience ensures repeat customers
  • Use coupons and promotions to increase and retain customer base

Take advantage of the cloud technology:

  • Instantly configure QuickPay operations
  • Receive your data and analytics in real-time
  • Tailor custom prices and loyalty programs for users

General Inquires & Customer Service

  • Toll Free: 1 888 382 9149

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