Perfect for you

We are a parking information technology solutions company. We customize an infinite number of possibilities, which are tailored to your specific transportation & parking needs.  We integrate with a wide range of systems, with both equipment and patent pending software to ensure the perfect fit for your business model.

From on-street to off-street options, to seamless user experiences, we will combine the formulas to simplify and improve parking for you, now and into the future.  We provide cloud-based technology to ensure the safest analytics in the world.  We can collaborate with you for any parking environment from: surface lots, garages, lanes, or multi-level lots, whether gated or non-gated.

Our solutions are the ideal fit for hospitals, stadiums, airports, amusement parks, shopping centers, hotels and more, there are no limits or restrictions.  We ensure your needs are aligned to the highest profitability and efficiency for your system.

For LocoMobi to provide you with your perfect solution, we prefer the partnership approach. With exceptional design, sustainability and security, LocoMobi delivers a high level of reliability.  Come with us, we have the solution for you!


Our parking system technologies are here to help you deliver a completely unique and efficient parking experience. LocoMobi Inc. specializes in providing integrated systems. From gated to non-gated systems, our solutions offer the expertise in all areas of your business, including lowering payroll costs. Our data and analytics software helps you define your business model.

We will minimize your costs, increase your revenue, while optimizing customer satisfaction.  We are your eyes at all times and ensure that your lot is 100% compliant.


Like all public spaces, the roads and highways need to be regulated. To help you ensure traffic keeps flowing and laws are enforced, we’ve hand-picked the very best products for your tolling needs!

Together we can create more orderly and efficient tolling solutions!


Our world revolves around mobility. It is believed that at present there over a billion cars worldwide. LocoMobi offers transit solutions that allow customers to track and manage vehicle mobility.


Let’s face it: vehicular administration is complicated. It’s hard to pin-point the optimal system or product that will satisfy all your stakeholders. As industry-leaders, we pride ourselves in creating the appropriate solutions for our customer’s mission. Bolstered by years of industry experience, our consultants are ready to start working with you to develop the perfect parking or transportation solution for your business.